A new recording of a live Ora Clementi set available NOW

In August this year James Rushford and I did a few dates in the US with our Ora Clementi project. The first performance on the tour was hosted by Issue Project Room in NYC at the off-site Artists Space in Manhattan. This was a wonderful night and a great kick-off for our trip. We’re really thrilled to have the recording of this performance made available for digital download courtesy of Penultimate Press via their new bandcamp site. get it HERE

Big thanks to Lawrence Kumpf & all at Issue Project Room, Bob Bellerue for live sound & recording, Joe Talia for the mix and Mark Harwood for making this available.


photo by Lawrence Kumpf

Upcoming solo shows in Kingston (ON) + Tokyo

Following my recent solo performance at the Vancouver New Music Festival i will perform the same work at the Tone Deaf festival in Kingston (Ontario) on November 7 and in Tokyo at Super Deluxe on November 10.

Very excited to be in Kingston as part of the Tone Deaf festival for the first time! And as always, i’m thrilled to be in Tokyo – this time sharing the bill with the trio of Jim O’Rourke, Oren Ambarchi & U-Zhaan (tablas), it should be a wonderful night.


Performances @ Vancouver New Music Fest Oct 22 – 24

I am very pleased to be performing next week at the Vancouver New Music Festival’s NOMADIC STREAMS edition, happening October 22 – 24. I will present a new solo piece based around the hypnogogic state and will also be part of a live reworking of John Cage‘s string quartet Four – performed by the Flux Quartet in collaboration with Marina Rosenfeld, DJ Olive, Lawrence English, Rafael Anton Irisarri, loscil and souns. All details about the festival are here


a lovely context for a recent duo by Oren Ambarchi & I

At the end of June, Oren and I gave a short performance in Brooklyn at a small private event for Issue Project Room. On this occasion we were filmed and interviewed by Ivan Weiss, a lovely documentarian from North Carolina whom Oren had met in 2014 when Nazoranai performed at the Big Ears festival in Knoxville. This led to a terrific short documentary on the group, and now it seems to other further investigations into Oren’s work. Today Chapter 2 in Ivan’s ongoing series for Big Bent Ears focuses on our duo and the work of Tyondai Braxton and his collaborators. It’s much more than this though… this is not sterile journalism, Ivan paints a picture, tells stories that are both intriguing and charming. Included are interview quotes, videos and pics woven beautifully into his personal narrative. I’m promoting this chapter here due to my involvement, but i highly recommend you flip back through the other chapters, they’re really pretty wonderful.

Surrender to the Situation Part 3 – In Motion


photo by Ivan Weiss @ Fitcarraldo in Bushwick

a small US tour with Ora Clementi this week!

Ora Clementi, my duo with the fabulous James Rushford (AU), will be doing a small tour in the USA this week, Aug 11 – 16. I can’t wait to be making music with James once again and to be sharing what we do! Each one of these events has us sharing the bill with a different fantastic artist. Details here:

August 11 NYC (NY) • Issue Project Room @ Artists Space Books – 55 Walker St. • with Vito Ricci
August 14PHILADELPHIA (PE) • Vox Populi Gallery – 319 N. 11th, 3rd fl. • with Mike Bullock
August 15 ST PAUL (MN) • Crow with No Mouth @ Studio Z – 275 East 4th • with Michael Flora
August 16CHICAGO (IL) • Constellation – 3111 N Western Ave. • with Olivia Block


VOLUMES publication by Blackwood Gallery (Ontario)

I am very pleased to have my work included in an ambitious new publication released by Blackwood Gallery in Mississauga Ontario, edited by Martin Arnold and Christof Migone. The publication Volumes is an anthology / collection of writing, images and audio from curated projects focused on artists who engage with sound and music. The  exhibitions documented and discussed were presented by Blackwood Gallery in 2003 & 2013. Included in the publication is a 144-page book of essays and interviews, an image insert of works and a 10″ LP of audio excerpts. My piece sweeper is documented here in image and audio, as a lock-groove on side A of the LP.

for more details and to purchase go HERE


Feature in the JULY issue of the WIRE Magazine (UK) • Issue #377

To coincide with the release of my first solo LP sand / layna, I am delighted to be featured in the upcoming July issue of the WIRE magazine (#377 – pictured below). I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jim Haynes for the piece, which turned our rather nicely (if i do say so…). The digital edition is available now on the Wire site with print copies available worldwide in the coming days.