Dec 9, 13 + 14 at the Playfreely festival in Singapore

I will be in Singapore next week as a guest of the Playfreely festival. On December 9th i will give a talk/workshop at Black Axis – discussing my practice and leading exercises and discussions about listening and how our perceptions and personal experiences impact our creative decisions and work.

I will then join a fabulous roster of artists for the main festival on Dec 13 + 14 for two days of performances and collaborations. Featuring: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (TA), Sachiko M (JP), Yoshimio (JP), Mette Rasmussen (DK) and more!


Ora Clementi • Canadian tour

Coming up over the next 3 weeks my duo Ora Clementi with James Rushford will have a series of performances across Canada! This is our first time performing in Canada together and we are so pleased to share our work in four very special contexts.

Oct 23 • TORONTO (CA) • Array Music 

Oct 24 • MONTREAL (CA) • Casa del Popolo

Nov 1 • WINNIPEG (CA) • Crescent Fort Rouge Church 

Nov 10 • SASKATOON (CA) • Sounds Like… festival 


Hotel Record 2LP w/ Oren Ambarchi out NOW!

After many months of anticipation i am very pleased to announce that my new duo 2LP on Black Truffle Records with Oren Ambarchi – Hotel Record – is officially out and available worldwide! The music on this double LP was created over a few years while travelling in Melbourne Australia, Ko Pha Ngan Thailand, Oakland USA and Stockholm Sweden (EMS). Here is the press release from Black Truffle:

Hotel Record is the second release from the duo/couple of crys cole and oren ambarchi, following on from Sonja Henies vei 31 (PLANAM 031LP, 2014). Where their debut recording presented a disquieting portrait of the erotic dimension of romantic intimacy, the follow-up continues to explore the pair’s simultaneously musical and romantic relationship in a more subtle fashion, presenting four long-form pieces that touch on the variety of forms the life of this couple takes: as a musical duo, as a pair of travelers to exotic locations, as opponents in a game of cards…

Each of the double LP’s four sides presents a distinct sound-world, yet each manages to attain the same suspended, half-sleeping feeling, outlining a space where improbable combinations of the electronic and the acoustic, of extreme closeness and amorphous distance, occurring with the gentle insistence of a dream. The opening Call Myself calmly unfolds a fabric of long tones from electronic organ and guitar, combining the sliding, aleatoric effects of classic David Behrman with a more hands-on feel. Over the top of this slowly shifting tonal bed, cole’s voice mutters unintelligibly into a Buchla synth, teasing the listener by suggesting a meaning that remains always out of the ear’s reach. Francis Debacle (Uno) builds on the foundations of a heavily amplified session of the titular card game, overlaying vocal murmurs and exhalations and mysterious room-sounds to create an impossible aural environment. On Burrata, a palette of vintage 1980s digital synthesizer sounds combined with guitars create an irregular texture of lush chords and bubbling melodic details, into which cole’s voice processed by a vocoder, is interwoven, reading fragments of romantic correspondence. Finally, on Pad Phet Gob, field recordings made in Thailand become an ambiguously acoustic/electronic rainforest, eventually giving way to a mysterious, wavering electronic tone-field punctuated by sibilant, popping mouth-sounds.

Carving out an intimate and human sonic space across a diverse array of compositional approaches, sound sources, fidelities, and textures, Hotel Record is the latest dispatch from the continuing explorations of a unique duo. Ambarchi and cole reimagine electro-acoustic music, not simply as “abstract” sound, but as a diary, a love poem, a dream.

Comes in deluxe gatefold sleeve with photography by crys cole and LP design via Stephen O’Malley; Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering.

– Francis Plagne

This is a very special release for us, something that encapsulates many aspects of our lives and loves. Available by mailorder at Kompakt (DE), SoundOhm (IT), Boomkat (UK), Forced Exposure (US) and Experimedia and many more!


Duo performance in Winnipeg, July 13

This Thusday July 13 evening, Oren Ambarchi & i will perform in my hometown Winnipeg (Canada) at ace art inc. This night will be a pre-launch for our new double LP Hotel Record, which comes out officially in early September on Black Truffle Records and we will have a limited quantity of the 2LP for sale on the night. Big thanks to Curran Faris for organizing this event and for opening the night with his project Greenhouse!

Doors at 8:00 PM, Greenhouse starts at 8:30 PM and we will follow at at 9:30 PM.


Solo performance this week at Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach DE.

This Thursday June 22, i will perform solo in Mönchengladbach Germany on a special program alongside Thomas Brinkmann & Oren Ambarchi duo and a DJ set by Frank Dommert, connected to the current large-scale exhibition by Alexandra Bircken (DE) at Museum Abteiberg . The museum looks extraordinary and i am really honored to present my work there on this special occasion. Full details on the event can be found here.


Lush Spectra event in Sheffield • June 10 – 11, 2017

This June 10 + 11 a very unique event curated by Mark Fell will take place at The Samuel Worth Nonconformist Chapel in Sheffield UK. The event is called Lush Spectra and in the words of Fell, the event will “foreground the beauty of the sounds, and the use of hypnotic patterns and harmonic forms”, with the aim of creating “a welcoming environment where everyone can experience this unprecedented collection of unusual musical forms”. i am thrilled to be presenting a solo performance in the context of this very special event alongside incredible artists such as Limpe Fuchs, Eliane Radigue, Laurie Spiegel, Nandini Muthuswamy, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Oren Ambarchi, Ryoko Akama, Jana Winderen and more. Full details here.