Ora Clementi excerpts of performance and interview by Ina GRM Paris for FOCUS May 2018 @ Centquatre, Paris FR


duo with Oren Ambarchi at Super Deluxe, Tokyo JP – April 2016


Solo performance at Vancouver New Music Festival – Nomadic Streams, November 2015


Ora Clementi at Artists Space in Manhattan, presented by Issue Project Room, NY 2015


duo with Oren Ambarchi at Fitzcarraldo for Issue Project Room, Brooklyn NY 2015

video shot, edited and altered by Ivan Weiss.


duo with Tetuzi Akiyama at Super Deluxe in Tokyo, Japan 2012


solo & trio with Jeffrey Allport (SK) & Tim Olive (JP) at aceartinc. in Winnipeg, Canada 2011

duo with Echo Ho at Opekta Ateliers in Köln, Germany 2011


live trio with Keith Rowe (UK/FR) and Oren Ambarchi(AU) at the Music Gallery in Toronto, Ontario 2010


A Useful Piece, created in collaboration with Curtis Walker for the short film Useless Things (Faisal Lutchmedial, Canada,16 min., 2009).