Solo, Experimentik series, Berlin DE.

Photo by Seiji Morimoto


Duo w/ Oren Ambarchi @ CTM Festival for 40 Years of Touch event, Berlin 2022.

Photo by Udo Siegfriedt.


Duo w/ Oren Ambarchi @ Les Atelier Claus, Brussels Belgium, 2021.

Photo by Laurent Orseau.

live in Riga3

Live in Riga, Latvia October 2020 for the Skaņu Mežs festival. Photo by Arnis Kalniņš.

lambkin-cole-rushford-Edward Beaver


Graham Lambkin, crys cole & James Rushford trio at Supersense Festival of the Ecstatic in Melbourne AU, August 2019.

Distance photo by Edward Beaver

Closer photo courtesy of the Melbourne Arts Centre

crys cole, Oren Ambarchi and David Rosenboom perform Rosenboom’s Brainwave piece Portable Gold and Philosophers’ Stones for live electronics and software, electric violin, and brains at Cafe Oto, London UK on May 11, 2019 for the Black Truffle at 10 / Ambarchi at 50 3-day festival.

Photos by Fabio Lugaro


crys cole & Oren Ambarchi duo @ Fourth Edition Festival in Stockholm SW, February 2019.

Photos by Dawid Laskowski


Oren Ambarchi, crys cole & Leif Elggren trio at Editions Festival Tokyo, Super Deluxe JP, November 2018.

Photo by John Chantler


crys cole & Oren Ambarchi duo @ Borderline Festival in Athens GR, April 2018.

Images courtesy of Borderline Festival.



Performances with ensemble at the No Man’s Land edition of the Playfreely Festival in Singapore, December 2017.

Photos by the idealiste.



Ora Clementi live at Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, Winnipeg  November 2017.

Photos by Robert Szkolnicki.


crys cole + Oren Ambarchi portrait by Barry C Douglas (Melbourne, Australia)

O+Q-duo by BarryO+Q-duo7 by Keelan O'Hehir

crys cole & Oren Ambarchi duo at Abbotsford Convent for Inland 17.0, Melbourne AU, January 2017.

b/w photo by Barry Douglas | colour photo by Keelan O’Hehir


Ora Clementi live at STUD!O1O in Berlin, DE, June 2016

Photo by Sebatian Mayer


Live duo with Seijiro Murayama at Super Deluxe, Tokyo JP, April 2016

Photo by Mike Kubeck


live duo with Jessika Kenney @ Make It Up Club, Melbourne AU, March 2016

photo by Lloyd Honeybrook

Ora Censtellation-Peter

Ora Clementi at Constellation, Chicago US, August 2015

Photo by Peter Margasak




Ora Clementi (duo with James Rushford) @ Artists Space, NYC, August 2015

Presented by Issue Project Room – photos by Bradley Buehrin



Duo with Oren Ambarchi at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver, Canada – March 2015.

Photos by Alisha Weng.


Live duo with Oren Ambarchi (AU) at the Conrad Prebys Music Center Experimental Theater – University of California, San Diego, March 2015.

Photo by Alan Jones.


Trio with Carolyn Connors (AU) and Anthea Caddy (AU) in Melbourne, at Make It Up Club, January 2015.

Photo by Lloyd Honeybrook.

live at Windsor

Solo performance for spring reverb, contact and voice at the Windsor Hotel, Winnipeg, September 2014.

Photo by Robert Szkolnicki.


Solo performance for multiple voices, contacts and glass at aceartinc., Winnipeg, July 2014.

Photo by Robert Szkolnicki


Oren Ambarchi’s Knots Ensemble with the Sinfonietta Cracovia, Eyvind Kang and crys cole, live at SONAR 2014 in Barcelona, June 2014.


Some of the Tectonics NYC crew, May 2014. From L – R: Eli Keszler, Stephen O’Malley, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Oren Ambarchi, crys cole, Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang, sound engineer Bob Bellerue and curator/conductor/musician extraordinaire Ilan Volkov seated in front.


Duo with James Rushford at Monkey Bar in Melbourne, December 2013.

Photo by Oren Ambarchi.


Solo performance of piece ‘Attune’ presented at Interaccess in Toronto, November 2013. Photo courtesy of Interaccess.


Installation shot for Filling a space with salt (in two parts) a site-specific sound sculpture created at the South London Gallery in 2013 for the group exhibition At The Moment of Being Heard.


Solo performance at Café V Lese in Prague, June 2013.

Photo by Andrea Petrovicova

Picture 5

Solo performance at Trem Azul in Lisbon, June 2013.

Still from video by Miguel Lopez.


As part of Oren Ambarchi’s ‘Knots’ Ensemble at the Only Connect Festival in Oslo, May 2013.

Photo by Lasse Marhaug.


Trio with James Rushford (AU) & Joe Talia (AU) at Super Deluxe in Tokyo, March 2013.

Photo by Ujin Matsuo


solo at Negative Space in Winnipeg, 2012.

Photo by Travis Cole.


solo at Urban Guild in Kyoto, February 2012.

Photo by Christopher Olson.

duo with Tetuzi

duo with Tetuzi Akiyama, Super Deluxe in Tokyo, February 2012.

Photo by Eigen Kino.


Trio with Tim Olive & Jeffrey Allport, aceartinc. Winnipeg 2011.

Photo by Robert Szkolnicki.


solo at SubStrata festival, Seattle 2011.

duo with Seiji Morimoto, at Ausland, Berlin 2011.

Photo by Oli Rennt.

solo at Skolska 28 in Prague, 2011.

Photo by Martin Blazicek.

solo at Super Deluxe in Tokyo, 2011.

Photo by Ujin Matsuo.

Crys Cole

Crys Cole

trio with Keith Rowe (UK/FR) and Oren Ambarchi (AU) at Littlefield, Brooklyn 2010.

Photos by Peter Gannushkin.

duo with Christof Kurzmann at What’s Up Vienna! event, Winnipeg 2010.

Photo by Robert Szkolnicki.

Strawberry Jam telematic quartet performance with Echo Ho (DE), Joomi Seo (CA) & Sheng Jie (CN) at Centre A, Vancouver 2010. Photo courtesy Centre A.

solo at Kunst Praxis Staab, Köln 2009.

Photo by Bernd Wendt

solo at the Electronic Church, Berlin, 2009.

Photo by Tom Kindermann

Quartet with Christine Abdelnour (FR – pictured), Clare Cooper (AU) and Julie Rousse (FR) at la Societé de Curiosites, Paris 2009.

Photo by Fabrice Allard

trio with Kai Fagashinski (DE) and Jeffrey Allport (CA) at the Your Hit Parade festival – VIVO Media Art Centre, Vancouver 2009.

Photo by Christopher Olson.

solo at send + receive: a festival of sound v.9, Winnipeg, 2007.

Photo by Travis Cole.

Nager-Noyer tentet performance at Piscine Saint Michel, Montreal 2001. Conducted  by David Smith (electronics), Samuel Roy-Bois (contrabass) and featuring Alexandre St-Onge (contrabass), Jessica Moss (violin), Sarah Neufeld (violin), Delphine Mesroch (cello), Anni Lawrence (cello), Stephen de Oliveira (electronics) Vincent Bélanger (electronics) and crys cole (objects & electronics)

Photo by Jace Lasek.

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