February Updates!

I have just returned from my recent trip to Japan, where i had the most incredible three weeks filled with wonderful shows, great people, excellent record shopping, incredible food and continuous creative inspiration. There are some new pics from some of my shows (duo with Tetuzi Akiyama in Tokyo and solo in Kyoto) on the photo page and there is also a video of a collaboration with Jerry Gordon, Tim Olive and dancer Yangjah at MIIT House in Osaka up on vimeo that you can watch here.

In other news, some releases are out to kick off 2012! Lynnaeus’ Hydra is a new trio CD with Jamie Drouin and Lance Austin Olson released on the lovely Infrequency Editions. The album is a limited edition of 100 and can be purchased through their website here.

Also, i had the very great pleasure of being a guest artist on the brand new Oren Ambarchi album, Audience of One on Touch Music (UK). This stunning record is something to behold and includes an incredible roster of guests that have me in extraordinarily good company, including, Eyvind Kang, Jessica Kenney, Joe Talia, Janel Leppin and of course Oren Ambarchi! You need this record (out on CD now & to be released on LP soon)! info

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