Residency in Capalbio concludes with a group concert in ROME

Over the past week i have been surrounded by the beautiful rolling hills of Capalbio on the Tuscan coast of Italy. I landed here due to an incredible invitation to participate in the third year of a wonderful residency collaboration project called Tutto Questo Sentire, created by sisters Olivia (Opera singer) and Rebecca Salvadori (video artist) and Sandro Mussida (cellist). Over this stimulating week we have been creating, playing, discussing ideas, politics, philosophies, radically different approaches to creation and current events in the world while surrounded by the incredibly beautiful lush countryside and the most beautiful food. Myself, Mark Fell (computer), Oren Ambarchi, Jan Henrdickse (Flutes), Olivia, Rebecca and Sandro have been joined by Hanna Bächer, Paul Modler and Jara Moravec – to document this process and help build the sound environment we are playing within.

Tomorrow night, Friday July 1st, we will present a free outdoor concert  at the Orto Botanico di Roma of the work that we have developed. More details HERE


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