A playlist of music that i love

I was recently invited by the wonderful Russian blog Blackened Disco to create a playlist of music for their site. i selected a few key works that i love, by artists whom i admire. Each of these pieces resonates with my recent work and ideas. The mix can be streamed online at this link: https://www.mixcloud.com/blackeneddisco/blackened-disco-17-crys-cole/

The tracklist is:

1. “Blue” Gene Tyranny (composed by Phil Harmonic) – Timing (from Just for the Record)
2. Bruce Ditmas (with Joan La Barbara) – Soweto (from Yellow)
3. Luciano Cilio – Studio per fiati – originale inedito (from dell’Universo Assente)
4. Annea Lockwood – Tiger Balm (from Early Works 1967-1982)
5. Robert Ashley – The Park (from Private Lives)


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