My first solo LP is officially out in the world

My new solo LP Sand/Layna has just been released on Black Truffle Records (AU). The record features a composition originally self-released in 2009, Sand – and a new piece created in 2013, Layna. This marks my first official solo release and i am thrilled.

The LP and digital version is now available at major distributors such as Kompakt, Forced Exposure, Mimaroglu, a-musikMetamkine and various shops worldwide. Special thanks to Joe Talia, Lasse Marhaug, Francis Plagne and (my dearest) Oren Ambarchi for all of their support with this release.

**One small hitch! The album labels state that it is to be played at 33 rpm BUT the album was actually mastered at 45 rpm for maximum sound quality. So, please listen at 45 rpm!


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