Lush Spectra event in Sheffield • June 10 – 11, 2017

This June 10 + 11 a very unique event curated by Mark Fell will take place at The Samuel Worth Nonconformist Chapel in Sheffield UK. The event is called Lush Spectra and in the words of Fell, the event will “foreground the beauty of the sounds, and the use of hypnotic patterns and harmonic forms”, with the aim of creating “a welcoming environment where everyone can experience this unprecedented collection of unusual musical forms”. i am thrilled to be presenting a solo performance in the context of this very special event alongside incredible artists such as Limpe Fuchs, Eliane Radigue, Laurie Spiegel, Nandini Muthuswamy, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, Oren Ambarchi, Ryoko Akama, Jana Winderen and more. Full details here.



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