A SOUND THAT NEVER WAS – group sound project & live instrument

I am so happy to see this wonderful project finally launched into the world! Over the past year and a bit we’ve all been meeting, discussing, developing, reading and creating sounds for this sound project that manifested out of the vivid, strange and surreal book ‘Voice of Hearing‘, written by Vivian Darroch-Lozowski (originally published in 1984 & republished by Squint Press in 2020).

I am honored to participate in this project which was conceived by friends jake moore & Steve Bates – The Dim Coast, and which brings me together with a wonderful group of musicians and artists; Felicia Atkinson, Matthew Cardinal, Raven Chacon, Isabella Forciniti, David Grubbs, Timothy Herzog, Sasha J. Langford, Mani Mazinani, Christof Migone, Marc A. Reinhardt, Anju Singh, Aho Ssan, Mark Templeton and Daniela Cascella.

The project is ongoing, with the body of sounds growing as the project moves forward and with public iterations/exhibitions of the piece ahead. For now, it is now launched online to be listened to as an endlessly shifting breathing instrument…


January Residency at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS)

It was such a great pleasure to be an International Artist in Residence at the incredible MESS in Melbourne Australia this January. What a wonderful way to start the year!

MESS is one of the most unique resources for access to analogue and digital synthesizers and tools in the world. With a roster of over 450 instruments and tools, many of which are incredibly rare and unique (such as the Fairlight, EMS Synthi, Arp, Buchla & Serge systems), members and guest residents have a chance to work with these tools in an indepth and ongoing capacity, with technical support on site and an array of workshops and programs to learn more about working with synthesis and specific tools in the collection. Amazing!

I had my first taste of the incredible array of instruments available at MESS back in the winter of 2019/2020 while recording with my dear friend and collaborator James Rushford for our album Sylva Sylvarum (Ora Clementi). It was an honor to be invited back this January with Oren Ambarchi to begin the process of preparing material for our next duo album.

Here’s a little interview that I did for MESS to share a bit about my work, process and what I was up to there. Link here.

Radio feature on WDR3 Germany coming up on Jan 5, 2023

This Thursday, January 5 at 11 PM – Midnight (GMT+1) there will be a radio presentation of a live solo concert that i performed at the World of Noise Festival in Münster (DE) on October 16, 2022 as well as a broader feature on my work, on WDR3. I had a great conversation with WDR host Ilka Geyer about many aspects of my practice that will be woven through this radio presentation.

A link to more details can be found here.

Off to Canada for some very special events October 20 – Nov 5

This week I head to Saskatoon Canada for the Sounds Like Festival where i will be presenting a program that i have curated for the opening evening on October 20. This program is near & dear to my heart and it has been a long time in the making! Part one will feature a solo presentation of Becoming Oceanic, a longform piece developed through extensive research into psychedlic assisted psychotherapy sessions by musician/composer Sam Dunscombe. Part two will be a program of collaborative works centered around the collaboration of historic American artist/composer David Behrman and composer/performer Cleek Schrey. I am thrilled to bring these wonderful artists to the prairies of Canada to share their unique and beautiful work and i’m grateful to the Sounds Like team for this invitation!

I will also perform a solo concert on the second night of the festival, October 21. Full festival details are up here.

Following Saskatoon I will be joined by Oren Ambarchi for a series of Canadian shows (solo performances):

Looking forward to being back on my old stomping ground to share my work and reconnect with so many great people!


David Behrman & Cleek Schrey by Cameron Mcleod

Oren Ambarchi by Greg Clement

crys cole by Seiji Morimoto

Other Meetings deluxe LP edition is out on Black Truffle TODAY!

I am so pleased to have my album Other Meetings released today as a deluxe LP edition on Black Truffle Records. This album was originally commissioned for release by Boomkat UK as part of their Documenting Sound cassette series in 2021. The album was made over several months during the first year of the pandemic at a small kitchen table in our temporary (& tiny) abode in Berlin. I really enjoyed the process of creating these pieces, weaving sounds captured and created during previous travels with sounds created in our little sanctum.

The album is available via all your favorite distros & shops and directly through Black Truffle here.

Big thanks to Shlom Sviri @ Boomkat and to Oren Ambarchi!

Solo performances this week in Berlin & Münster – Oct 12 + 16

This week i will be sharing the bill with some wonderful artists in two separate German performances. For the first concert takes place in Berlin on Wendesday October 12 at Arkaoda. I will perform at Pt.1 of a 3-part Black Truffle Records festival, which takes place on October 12 & November 9 + 10. On October 12 I will share the bill with artist/composer Arnold Dreyblatt and his band featuring: Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger & Joachim Schutz. Full details for the night here.

The second concert takes place in Münster on Sunday October 16 at the Geräuschwelten Festival 2022, presented by aufabwegen. On this special ocassion I will be sharing the bill with two wonderful artists, french composer Brunhild Ferrari & German artist Christoph Heemann. Link to the event page on facebook is here.

Intervention Performance at Kunsthaus Pasquart in Biel (CH) in SOLO / MUTE / PAN exhibition – Thursday Sept 29, 2022

This week i am in a micro-residency in Biel Switzerland to create an intervention performance in the wonderfully immersive 2-floor sound installation SOLO / MUTE / PAN created by Olga Kokcharova and Laurent Güdel. The exhibition at Kunsthaus Pasquart is open from 18.9.-20.11.2022.

I will be working alongside Swiss composer Annette Schmucki to create ways of coexisting, disrupting and entangling with Kokcharova & Güdel’s detailed sound composition which is diffused through an elaborate, complex and beautiful acousmonium spaning multiple rooms over two floors of the gallery. Our performance takes place on Thursday September 29 at 18:30 on the top floor.

Full details about the exhibition here.

Solo performance at Himera Festival in Turku Finland – September 24, 2022

I will travel to Turku Finland this weekend to present my work at the wonderful Himera Festival. This will be my first time performing in Finland and I am so pleased to join such a fantastic group of artists; Microtub, Charlie Morrow, Lucy Railton and John Edwards as part of this weekends program.

Sept 11 2022 • SOLO Performance at Simultan Festival XVII in Timișoara Romania

I am very excited to travel to Romania for the very first time to perform this Sunday as part of Simultan Festival – an event dedicated to sound, moving image, performance and media art. The festival spans 8-days and I will perform this coming Saturday, September 11 as the festival begins.

Full more for the festival check their twitter or facebook.