Sylva Sylvarum, the epic second album by Ora Clementi is out today!

Seven years may be some time to wait, but we think it has been just right.. Ora Clementi, my ongoing project with the wonderful James Rushford, has just birthed our most ambitious venture to date. Sylva Sylvarum is a sprawling opus inspired by texts and ideas relating to ‘utopias’. Stretching our legs with more polish for the shiny bits than in the past, this album was created over two months in Melbourne Australia, weaving sounds created and captured at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studios (MESS Ltd) on various synth instruments, explorations at the Healseville Sanctuary, continuous sessions at home studios, and with brilliant guest brass players Callum G’Froerer (trumpet) and Joe O’Connor (trombone).

The 2LP set, on mint green vinyl, is encased in gorgeous otherwordly landscapes by Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté (RADIANCES V1 + RADIANCES III) and released on the wonderful Black Truffle Records.

We’re so excited to have this beauty out in the world!

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